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Long journey with your favourite books is always a good idea

Reading books is the hobby of many people worldwide. When they plan a long journey, they always carry their favourite books along with them. But carrying a bundle of books is quiteRead More…


Kindle tech services will be available to you live at one call

Looking for an e-book reader with all new generation features then you can try out a product released by amazon. The product is named as Kindle. It is released with all newRead More…


Amazon just announced bringing back a white Kindle

KIndle has been of usually of gray colour but now we will see a Kindle that is of white colour. After two months Amazon changed the e-reader world by releasing a completelyRead More…


How good is the new Kindle app for Android?

Kindle has become a popular tool to read books, articles, news and what not.  The function of kindle doesn’t stop there you can shop for, download and also browse digital media viaRead More…